front wheel drive pick-up

I have always wondered why no one has a front wheel drive pick-up truck. Given the great performance of front wheel drive cars in snow and ice wouldn't it be more fuel efficient to operate a front wheel drive pick-up than a four wheel drive. A huge % of four wheel drive pick-up truck purchases are made just because they need better traction than rear wheel drive. I for one would buy one the fuel economy of a front wheel drive would be a huge incentive .
Kevin B 02/06/2013
We need front wheel drive trucks for better winter handeling that also are 4 wheel drive or make them all wheel drive. We need better fuel economy and lower prices to purchase new and used. Owning a small business most of what could be profit goes towards purchasing the truck and fuel. there is not much money after that
Curtis H 04/05/2012
Ford does make a FWD pickup . It's called the Bantam in South Africa. Ford might not be able to keep up with demand if they were currently sold in the states. North America needs these in the Ford line up and i hope to see something like the Bantam here soon. Not everyone needs a 25k truck with high payload . We need lower MSRP, higher MPG little trucks like the Bantam. I hope Ford thinks about this.
I also think Ford should offer a front-wheel-drive option as well as the current rear-wheel and 4-wheel drive option. I can't tell you how many times I've had trouble pulling out of an icy driveway when my front tires are on dry pavement but the rear wheels are on ice/snow. Some day, one of the "Big 3" will offer it. Hopefully it's Ford first.
Michael Sakiewicz 09/18/2011
You mean you want Ford to build a honda ridgeline which is somehow called a truck. Your out.
T Craig-P71CV 09/10/2011
Sorry dude, Ford only builds real trucks. Rear wheel drive all the way, and four wheel drive for the serious off roaders and snow plow drivers.
Tyler Wells 09/10/2011
The Honda Pilot is not a truck. It's a unibody SUV, and the Ridgeline truck is nothing more than a Pilot with a bed slapped on the end of it. I think that Front Wheel Drive would be an ideal configuration for smaller pick up trucks, but for full size trucks, I think 4X4 and RWD drivetrain technologies are the way to go.
Doug Beck 09/10/2011
Honda pilot is a FWD truck.
Oscar 09/09/2011
It may work when unladen, but I think it would be worse when fully loaded.