Front or Mid

I would like to see a car that is the equivalent of a Corvette. make it either a front engine or mid engine. either a small V-8 or a version of the Eco-boost motor that can out handle and out perform the Corvette. i love the mustang a lot and probably one of my favorite cars on the road right now. the mustang just isn't enough to take a Corvette on the track. I'd like to see a car built to take a corvette or a comparable car on the track. and keep it with in a reasonable price rang. (not like the GT. loved the car just could never afford one. it was also a great track car)
Daniil Shevchuk 01/16/2012
I like the Mustang GT, the interior is unbalievably ugly. I would buy one tomorrow, but I wont just because of that and now Ford is thinking why our mustangs aren't selling? Change the interior, put bigger tires on your cars without charging people for them. Make your deal seem unbeatable. Yes of course we're talking about a car that can stand a chance against a Corvette........FORD do you have something for me to buy? NO. Nissan GTR's are for sale at 50-60k right now used........and yes I think you've guessed what I'm buying instead of your product no matter how much I like Fords.
Kevin Reis 02/11/2011
equivalent to the vette? no, better then it. bring back the gt
Johnathan Mueller 01/30/2011
I agree, but if they put a super charged 6.2 liter V8 then it could beat the Corvette especially if the Mustang GT 5.0 V8 can beat the Camaro.
Robert Hollar 01/13/2011
I agree revive the GT name plate make it lower and revise the 6.8L Triton V10 to a 7.0L 40 valve DOHC GDI Twin Turbo V10 beast and destroy the pathetic Z06 and show it what a worthless excuse for a super car it really is.