Frame Design

I was thinking in the lines of a rail type frame system design of a car or truck Frame ,  Were the engine and transmission can be removed by rideing on a Rail track system frame ..By Takeing off the front grill and bumper  ..  The engine  and transmission then  slides out  foward  on frame  ... all the electric and gas lines will  also line up as part of  intergrated system  that unplug   and  or disconnects at the same time   as  the  engine is being  removed on the track system ... Thir would be a floor roller that  is set under engine that would carry the engine and tranmssion  foward and out .....This will make removeing   engines  and transmission done with ease . Just by removeing the front bumber and grill and unlock the engine  and tranmission  and all electric  and gas line also  be in line and will unplug as  engine slides  out !
Fred G 02/14/2014
Remember the 70s show Swat? They drove a Metro delivery van with a slide out engine and transmission like you described. Basically they disconnect the transmission linkage, fuel line and 20 wire harness, the engine slides out the front with the grill and bumper attached.