Ford "Wrangler" 4x4

I think Ford should invest in a 4x4 vehicle similar to the Jeep Wrangler but with original ideas and design. If done right, it could be an instant hit with many different types of consumers, especially if it can achieve 30+ MPG. The car should be based on the Ranger platform if it's Body-on-Frame, or the Taurus/Explorer platform if it's Unibody. The engines could consist of the 3.7L V6 from the F-150, the upcoming Ecoboost 2.0L I-4, or even the 3.5L Ecoboost V6. These engines should be coupled to a 6 speed manual or automatic, or even the Powershift. The 4WD system could be derived from the F-150 or Ranger. I think it would make a great car to drive if executed correctly, and would open a new market for Ford to try and attain dominance in.
Bob Schiesser 04/30/2011
Yes make a retro original Bronco inspired compact 4x4. Needs to have option of open air top.
John Thomas 03/10/2011
This would go back to the first Bronco so make it as simple as you can for the base model. Then add the parts for big spenders. I always wanted a 60's Bronco. I have owned three Jeeps because Ford didn't have a CJ type model. I own a SVT Cobra, Lightning and a Explorer Limited now. Looking at the 2011 Super Duty to pull our RV trailer.
Zach Chavis 03/08/2011
i agree with brian, that shoebox bronco concept was sick and anyone who has any interest in anything offroad knows about the classic version... They are jeep killers!
Johnathan Mueller 02/22/2011
Ford had a small, dunebuggy like concept car in 2001 that was really cool and it's on Ford's video game. I think Ford should make a consumer version of it and put the 1.6 liter 4 cyclinder EcoBoost in it.
Brian 02/22/2011
Bring the Bronco concept into production!