Ford Transit 4x4

I see Ford will come out with a Ford transit van! This is great! But if there could be an option of 4x4 would be handy. The ecoboost is an excellent engine choice with a combination of 4x4.
Alexander Jack 07/05/2014
Belive it or not Econoline 4X4 vans are not all that rare in mountain communities but as a whole accross the market yes. Most are converted by Quiggley offroad for around $11,000 which may sound like a lot but considering the cost for 2x4 vs 4x4 on a new pickup is $8,000 not that far out of line. They are sold through the traditional dealer networks and carry all of ford factory warenties so its a good deal and the modifications are made in hand with Ford's engineers. 
Gregg R 01/27/2014
I would love a 4x4 it would be great in the winter. That would be the only reason I would buy one over the MB sprinter. I don't think they would sell a lot of them but they make them in europe so it shouldn't coast a lot extra. Ford would be the only one making a 4x4 van in the us.
bopoh 08/19/2013
it is for easten europe. post soviet union countries.i am from belarus, and i had hyundai starex 4x4, but we came in big car incident, and now i searching for new 4x4 bus (not van) for hunting and fishing.
Kedric M 01/19/2013
I would love a 4x4 van... but i think the transit is ridiculous, and will never buy one.
Keith H 01/09/2013
I think thaere would be a small interest in a 4x4 Transit. You don't see to many 4x4 econolines, due to the popularity of SUV's. I personally would be very intrested, it would rock. Have had a 4x4 since my 70 3/4 ton 4x4, in high school. If Ineeded it or not , it is just a since of security and style. With the versitility of the van and the different configureations of van chassis these days, there would be come a possible market for a 4x4, or a all wheel drive Transit. If Ford built one, I would drive it.