Ford Thunderbird

Ford needs to bring back a competitor against the Chevrolet Corvette and the Dodge/Srt Viper. I think it should be called the Thunderbird, bringing back the name of Ford's last-century corvette competitor. It needs to have a major arsenal of engines, like the Corvette. The Thunderbird could use the Taurus Sho's Ecoboost V6, the Mustang's Coyote V8, the 2014 Mustang Gt500's supercharged Trinity V8, and the rumored upcoming twin-turbo Voodoo V8. It could be based on the Mustang, or have its own sport platform. It needs to have two seven-speed transmission options: a manual and an automatic with paddle shifters. The high-end model needs to be extremely track-oriented. Maybe a stripped-down, no compromises version could be made as well. As for styling, it should not take on the looks of the kinetic design Fusion, Taurus, or Mustang. It should not have a retro look. It should, however, use classic design elements and modernize them, much like the Mustang.
Roland S 10/21/2014
Chop the Taurus and stretch the door it already got the grill
Anthony F 02/21/2014
I love the idea. Ford doesn't have a Sports Car anymore, instead we just have a pony car. All other companies have a sports car and a pony car. [Corvette/Camaro; Viper/Challenger]. The Thunderbird was always there, and it has a proud American name and tradition, what better car to make into a sleek, low and wide, front engine, rear wheel drive sports car? Bring back the Tbird!
William L 01/29/2014
I like the idea of a new Thunderbird, but I think it should be based on the Mazda Miata, with a Ford V8 under the hood. It should be faster than a Corvette, and handle and ride better.