Ford Thunderbird

I love Ford Thunderbirds, and I'm shire a lot of others do to. I would like to see a Ford Lineup including the the Thunderbird. I used to own a 1979 Jade Green Bird, but now it's gone. So who else believes that the Thunderbird name has not died out? Please inform me your thoughts.
Mark V 07/30/2013
My 1st car was a'66 Fairlane 500 2 dr. HT. I loved the 2dr. intermediates moving to an '80 T-bird when the Fairlanes,Torinos,and Ltd II's were gone. A 2dr. Fusion as a sport model might fill the void if a new T-Bird isn't profitable now. Please consider it.
Richard G. Belmore 04/13/2013
A 1966 Thunderbird built with todays technology? I would trade my wife for a car like that.
raider h 11/26/2012
As a traditionally RWD coupe it competes in a entirely different segment of vehicles these days than your 79 did. There really is not room for ford to take something like that on, with the One Ford strategy it would have to be a global car and the word is not clamoring for a luxury sports car. Cool, but no dice
Robert T 11/26/2012
I have a 88 turbocoupe that I converted to a 351 lightning motor and love it. Something Ford should have done