Ford SUVs

Bring back a true SUV. The new Explorer, Escape, and Edge all look like basically the same vehicles. They look great... for crossovers. The 2002-2005 were the most attractive Explorers made-to-date. Maybe now would be a good time to bring back and rejuvenate the Bronco. More square than these new SUV/Crossovers. Give us good off-road capability for places people actually go. Most of us don't drive through rocky, perfectly scenic mountain passes. We drive through deep mud, and slick and messy snow, not powder dusting snowfalls. We pull boats out of muddy banks and ATVs out of mud pits. We pull heavy trailers for ourselves and our friends. Give us aggressive ground clearance and 10k lb. towing. Give us an SUV that shows our personality as Americans. We're blue-collar, work-harders, shower-after-we-work kinda people. Just like your F-Series ads say. We don't need or want three different options for a sleek SUV/Crossover - one or two is plenty. Give us an SUV with a payload the same as an F150. We may not be able to haul mulch in the back, but we can haul concrete and brick walking stones, and heavy bags of Quickrete. How about a cargo area that can be hosed out without fear of damaging speakers or carpets. Just a few thoughts from a hard-workin', hard-playin' Ford lover.
Andrew S 05/22/2013
While I don't pull as much as I used to. I still need 8000+ lbs often. Really would love to see an SUV that can do this and still handle it when I take her off the path. Ford has the engines to do it, now they just need to make it.
Trevor 01/30/2013
I can't believe Ford has not done this yet, the flex is what Ford went with instead. Wow what were they thinking? I would purchase right now if they made one with a 5.0.
David J 01/30/2013
This is a great idea. The Bronco Concept vehicle that is pictured all over the internet is REALLY nice looking. The instant I saw it, i thought 'man-0-man I gotta get that! So, quit wasting time! Get that new Bronco on the market.