Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Ford needs to bring the wildtrak to the US, since their is no competition for it in a midsize truck market with a few choices of diesel engines. That alone should present a large market, people who want performance and fuel economy in a smaller package. And from looking at the pictures posted by others it would have a new flashy, almost race inspired appearance as well, that most trucks today just do not have. I sure hope that Ford reads this and considers releasing a limited amount of models to see if there is a profitable market for the truck.
coolguy 05/24/2014
Never liked monthly payments, i never haved, but ill make an exception.
Paul 10/21/2013
When I was in high school, I loved my 1983 V6 4 speed Ford Ranger. This beautiful piece of equipment could handle everything a then boy scout and Army Reservist could throw at it. However now that I have a family, I need something with four doors and a little more power for my honey do list. The down side is on my salary I can't afford a F-150 or the gas for it at these prices. The Ranger Wildtrak would be the perfect tool for my needs. My wife and I saw this on "The Amazing Race" last night in Norway and it Kicks the crap out of the GMC/Chevy Canyon/Colorado, Nissan Frontier, and the Toyota Tacoma and then some. I think that Ford's sales would go through the roof and completly corner the market. If Ford is not willing to bring it to the U.S. 100%, then I agree that Ford should at least test it out and see how it goes. I am in the market for a new truck right now and I would love to have this truck.
armando e 10/18/2013
I have been thinking of getting a truck for about 3years now because I and my wife had baby  but I don't like big trucks am more of a car guy but since my family is growing I need a truck I like the sport Trac adrenaline but too expensive and not good mpg now this new ranger with a diesel engine I would buy it right now I don't need a big truck for work just a truck with the right size for me and especially with a diesel engine and good mpg but to bad this truck is not coming to the u.s. I heard dodge is coming with diesel but still the 1500 is too big for my taste.
"Jacob " C 09/18/2013
I have been waiting for Ford to do this. Only then will I convert from my Toyota Tacoma. I want a small pickup with good fuel mileage and diesel torque!!! Please Ford, it will sell like hot cakes once people realize its capabilities.
lamberto 04/06/2013
the reason older model ford rangers don't have the looks anymore. The Ford Wildtrek is the bomb!!! check it is very sporty and the the right size for people who thinks the F150 is too big... and the nissan frontier is foreign?
David E 01/06/2013
Bring the Ranger WildTrack to the USA with a small diesel. I'll even pay to pre-order it. There are a lot of people that want a high quality mid sized truck. The problem with the old Ranger is that it was outdated and built like a rubber maid trash can.
james j 06/14/2012
Bring the global ranger here! Most dont need the F-150 and those that do will continue to buy the F-150. The market share lost on the F-150 would be gained be the new sales of the Global ranger from those that drive Toyotas and Nissans. Heck start a sign up list of those that want one and that would be some what of a picture of the demand. I volunteer to be a tester!
Craig 04/06/2012
Agreed ford should bring a four door ranger in right hand drive for postal employees
N. R 04/05/2012
This is kinda funny, cause nobody wanted the Ranger until Ford redesigned it. Let's face it if we want a truck with real performance, the F-series is the way to go. Ford discontinued the ranger here because it wasn't selling here in the states. With that said, they have the right idea; market the vehicle that sells well in its area and discontinue the one that doesn't.
Brian L 02/26/2012
I agree with this person whole-heartedly! Why is an "American" company not bringing this "Global" truck to it's own market? Ford is losing out on many sales in this market. I don't understand why Ford is so reluctant to bring these diesel here when they already have so many powerstroke diesels out there. We could only imagine the mpg numbers that the cars could get with these engines!
Michael P 02/25/2012
100% in agreement. Ford we're missing the boat on this one!
Mark W 02/24/2012
I am writing you to express my dissatisfaction with Fords’ marketing/distribution plan not to sell the 2012 Ford Ranger in the United States. As a longtime owner of Ford vehicles (2 Rangers and 1 Taurus) I eagerly awaited the time when Ford would introduce a pickup that was a little larger than the U.S. version of the Ranger and would also get higher fuel mileage. As I followed the development of the 2012 Ranger with its 2.2-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, or a 3.2-liter in-line five-cylinder turbo-diesel, I felt that finally the perfect pickup truck would be available for my needs.

Unfortunately Ford is not going to sell this vehicle in the United States with the reason given being that "We're moving it to a position of real capability," explained Schirmer, saying that Ford wanted to provide "performance leadership with this model," which also unfortunately meant bringing it to a size that would come too close to overlapping with the F-150 model lineup in North America.

I think Ford is missing a unique opportunity to fill a gap with the new Ranger which would “steal” sales from both the Toyota and Nissan small truck line. Also, with the advantages of having a diesel power pickup Ford would corner the market as well as experience a public relations coup with the production of a high mileage truck. I will add that I am not attracted to the F150, I drove one for 5 years at work, and would not buy one because it is actually too large in my opinion for easy maneuverability.

I trust you will take my opinion seriously and go back to your marketing staff and reevaluate you decision. I feel my opinion is shared by many.