Ford Ranger Rag Top

By Kent K.

There is a good market for a small no-frills convertible pickup, combining practicality with fun for the suburban/country Dad who must be practical (and is not a contractor so needs the truck to move furniture now and then, haul his kayak and other casual pick-up uses)  but would like a little spice as well. I know a number of men who lust over my old Dodge Dakota Sport rag-top pickup.   Think: Ford Ranger: 6' bed; hand-operated rag top; roll bar; crank windows; simple radio; Ford Ranger price point; standard fuel efficient engine (it does not have to be able to pull an ocean liner). Keep it simple and they will sell.  Make it fancy & expensive and you will have a Chevy SSR and bomb.
Shawn M 08/09/2013
Sorry bud don't know where you live but the Ranger is over. It's a shame :(