Ford Ranger Anyone

By Rich H.

I have done a lot of reading and maintain this as a broken record. When can we have the Ford Ranger, Euro version?

We do not need the diesel. Diesel is up, and gas mileage is oh so important. However, some of us do not want an F150 - to big for the city guy who adventures for the weekend. The Tacoma is doing well, the Frontier is doing well. The Chevy and GMC no so well, but build quality, towing ability, and reputation go a long way to kill a truck.

The Ranger was super dependable. I put well over 270,000 miles on mine when I owned one. I have a Ford Ranger with 115,000 miles on it. I am going to try and keep it until a Ford Ranger comes out. However, I did pull 24MPG in a 4X4 competitor with a manual transmission a little while ago.

So - no new idea, just a suggestion.
Dave B 02/09/2013
I recently bought a new Toyota Tacoma after 24 years and wearing out 2 Ford Rangers. Toyota's V6 has way more power AND better mileage than the Ranger 4.0L V6. In fact, it's superior to the Ranger in every way because the Toyota was actually redesigned once or twice over the last 30 years.
Randy C 02/03/2013
We have two Rangers, a 2003 with the 2.3 and automatic and a 2004 with a 3.0 and 5 speed. I went to a smaller truck (we formerly drove F-150s) because it didn't make sence to drive a full size truck to work every day just because we needed to haul and tow a few times a month. My wife and I would like a chance at the new Ranger but when the time comes that we have to buy new trucks, we'll have to see who wants our business enough to deliver what we want...a small, tough, truck.
Richard P 01/29/2013
Have to agree. We have a 98 Ranger and will not buy an F150 because it is too big. Do not wwant to hae to get a Toyota.