Ford Ranger

By Zach H.

I was very disappointed to see the Ranger leave the Ford lineup. I have owned 4 of these great trucks and have been very pleased with them. I drive my '95 with 180,000 miles to work 30 miles away everyday. I'm not sure if the people at Ford don't read these ideas or what, but there seems to be enough people that would like to see the Ranger come back. I believe that many of the ex-Fords would do well if marketed correctly and built with plenty of available options. Vehicles like the Ranger, Crown Victoria, and Bronco (a personal favorite that I'd love to see come back) were so popular at one time and seemed to just fade away. An all new Ranger with engine options such as a small diesel and manual transmission designed for fuel mileage would be a great sell. As well as other engines to choose from for people looking for power. Maybe some trims such as xl where I could chose vinyl floor, crank windows, but still have aluminum wheels and chrome bumpers and grille outside. I've noticed in Australia they have multiple engines with a variety of cab choices. Single cab, extended cab, crew cab, short bed, long bed, no bed, manual transmission, automatic, the options go on. I would like to see Ford bring some of these Australian Rangers to the U.S.A., put the steering wheels on the correct side (notice I didn't say "right side"), and see how they sell. I'd be interested.
Trent L 04/25/2014
They will sell like hotcakes. And that's why Ford won't do it. They have huge capital invested in the F-150 with large capacities. They destroy Chevy in sales with very fat margins. They make big money on the huge trucks so they don't want Ranger to eat on those sales. Most Ranger customers either hold on to their old Rangers or by the Nissan/Toyota options. But from what I read on the Ranger forums, those customers are not buying F-150's. But you can be assured that if the Global ranger were available here that many F-150 customers would jump on the Global Ranger if it were made available. I have on at my house in Fiji and its amazing truck. I wonder if one could buy one in Mexico and bring it up? Probably could not register it but it would be fun driving it to the local ford dealer.