By Adam R.

Ford should remake, and bring back the Probe. It was the first car I ever bought. The FRS/BRZ reminds me of it a good bit, and I'd love to see what Ford would be able to do with it these days! If we're looking at a handfull of customizations, and some descent hp, I'd get one hands down!
kevin 03/04/2014
they should definatly bring it back, the name isnt very good, but they sould put out a 2 door sloping rear end style hatchback with fwd. i have a 96 probe gt and i love the style and how it drives. plus there is a shockingly large amount of cargo space. 
Armando G 01/06/2014
They really should. I have one and it's amazing!
Catherine 11/20/2013
I had a 1994 GT and loved it…great tight handling and fast. Loved to travel in it…Got 31+mpg at 75-85mpg. Lost it when one of the Yokohama tires (V-rated) failed at 75 mpg in 1980 ( under tire warranty)…total loss. Concrete barriers don’t move out of the way!Cried for weeks about that..Wish Ford would bring it back with a different name, of course. Can’t tell you how many hot dog guys would pull up along side of me and want to race me…I would just smile and ignore the fools. Don’t mess with this hot mama.
Chris L 05/06/2013
If Ford is listening, change the name before you do please. Recall the last time you were probed; was it pleasant? Even more important is the question of whether there's room for another sports coupe in Ford's lineup and how that might eat into Mustang's market share.
Gary Stevensen 04/18/2013
I had one as well, (1989, the first year) and believe it would be a useful product for Ford. They changed the car, unfortunately, and eliminated the turbo four, which they replaced with a boat-anchor six, and then downsized to a secretary's car I didn't even fit in any more. The original was brilliant, and Ford spend a billion bucks developing it, and then changed it and lost it. What a waste!