Ford powered by Cat

Put a cat engine in a Ford truck with an Allison transmission paint it cat yellow with black construction tire tracks powered by cat power by cat on the hood and on the tailgate with a sun visor above the windshield to chrome stacks behind the cab I guarantee if you put this motor in a truck everyone who works construction would want one. Dodge has cummings which is a deadly combination and international never could build a good diesel engine in fact it's a gas converted engine. There is been improvements over the years but basically it's the same block yes I have two Ford trucks one is a new gas engine and the others is 6.9 when I have the money I will replace it with either a Cummings engine or a cat I love Ford's but the engine is the heart and soul of any vehicle would I buy a Ford international diesel no!
Bobby D 10/12/2014
Ford would blow the HD truck wide open with a cat diesel. no other brand would even be close.
Perry W 12/31/2012
I would buy a Cat powered f350 or f550.
N. Rodriguez 01/17/2012
I completely disagree, the engines are built by Ford entirely, and they are the most high performing engines compared too pretty much any other brand's, same goes for thier transmissions. Now on the subject of transmissions, I wouldn't want my Ford truck to use a Chevy built transmission system, that would be a huge marketing fluke.
I don't think ford needs to change anything. They are the top of the line of all trucks. The cat engine as an option might not be a bad idea. Cat engines are good motors. I Drive a Peterbuilt with a c-15 cat. The engine is strong.
I would but my order in for a new ford 350 or 450 dully with a cat engine 3126,
I am switching to dodge i REFUSE TO BUY DEF
why can't we make good trucks again
tell epa just where to go
Brian Langston 11/12/2011
I agree that Ford needs to get away from international diesel engines. I thought the new 6.7l diesel was built in house by Ford. A diesel repair shop came to our business and said that the new engines have turbo problems and you have to remove the cab from the frame to remove them! That's just bad engineering/design in my book. A Cat engine would be costly but I think they are pretty reliable and would make a good combination!