Ford Mustang sedan/Suv

My favorite two sports cars of all time are the Porsche 911 and the Ford Mustang Gt
Currently I drive a 2010 Ford Mustang GT Coupe and I love this car. It is a true muscle car and makes me who I am when I drive it. I have always envisioned to see a Mustang GT Sedan as well as a SUV. It has been done with Porsche and it has been done with BMW.
This is an idea is done would be an overnight success for Ford and something the Mr. Henry Ford would of loved to see. A ford Mustang sedan would be what Porsche did with the panemera and the Mustang SUV would be what BMW did with the X6
a true performance sedan or SUV would put Ford close to the top if not there already.
I love what ford has done but I am looking forward to the future.
Michael B 09/02/2013
How about a Lincoln counterpart? Lincoln would need a sedan to go with it, though.
Shawn 01/15/2013
I am very sorry you think that way. If Porsche who makes one of the worlds best sports car in the world actually can make a sedan and suv with the Porsche badge, then Ford who is one of the oldest car makers should do the same. Maybe its good that the world should end for you but I think Ford is on its way to making a quality car and a world class car. I think from seeing Fords new vision they are going that direction. Of course there will always be random people who are closed minded, but the key to making a company successful is taking different chances and pushing to a much broader customer base.
For example look at the Ford GT!!!!!
Ford now actually has a car that competes with Ferrari and Lamborghini.
I think the world is really changing and is trying to hit different markets, but there will always be those that are afraid of change. I think people should be much broad and should always have ideas.
Luis R 01/10/2013
Its okay everyone its just an early April fools joke. Phewww! For a second there I thought the apocalypse was upon us. Actually I would rather have the end of world come then have what was mentioned above...( I can not even re-type those horrible words) How can anyone even conceive such sick and repulsive thoughts! It gives me chills.