Ford Mustang Ideas

As a Ford Mustang Lover, one of my favorite cars of all time is the Shelby and the Boss 305.
Living in Los Angeles and driving those crazy freeways having a stick is absolute hell. I think Ford should design the Shelby and all mustang models with either the Formula one transmission which is non clutch manual transmission or a sequential manual transmission which is very similar to the F-1 shifting, both having whats called a Hydraulic clutch. Another idea would be is to have a auto manual
which will allow the driver to do his/her shifting and being able to down shift. Having the mustang in auto or manual is very black and white and should allow more choices.
donald m 01/25/2013
you just got beat by a Camaro in handling, you have to learn how to tie down the rearend of the Mustang so it handles better.
Steve 01/25/2013
I do not believe this is needed. I drove LA traffic for 9 years with a stick. Once you get used to it, you do not even notice doing it. I would rather the development be used elsewhere.
Michael P 01/20/2013
More options are great, just make sure I can still get my stick shift!