Ford GT's comeback

By Nick R.

With the new Corvettes coming out, Ford currently has nothing that competes with them. This could all be changed if you came out with a new model of the GT. It would also be a great innovation if you could incorperate a 7 liter V8 and a 9 speed transmision, like the new camaro Z/28. It is also an idea to add the first V12 to Fords line up. This would add for a whole new field of buyers nation wide, possibly world wide. Adding a super car to Ford would lead to all new beginning and you would bennifit greatly. As henry Ford once said “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” Its time to take off, Ford.
-Nick Ryan
Michael S 04/05/2013
I like the idea of bringing back the Ford Gt but I don't like the idea of the V12 it would make it seem more like a european car.
David F 04/04/2013
you don't think my idea for the Thunderbird competing against the Vette is sufficient? I would be happy to see the GT come back again but with specs that would allow it to go against the Veyron or other foreign muscle that could compare track data per cost.