Ford GT Revival?

The Ford GT is an icon of power and performance, but right now the latest models can be beaten out by Corvettes. This isn't acceptable. Ford is already doing much better as being seen as economical and dependable, but is losing steam as a performance brand. The GT500 is excellent, but I want something that looks like the ultimate supercar and can demolish the top tier corvettes. Using some modern suspension to match the corvettes manueverability and an ecoboost V8 of some kind would be perfect. The GT fits this bill, but the latest 2006 model is just to far behind the times to be able to compete. The car looks FANTASTIC, like a real supercar, and if you add the modern amenities like MyFord Touch and Ecoboost, the GT could compete against Italian supercars for the price of a Corvette. It needs to be marketed to beat the Corvette to, like how the mustang just dominates the muscle car market, the Corvette does to its segment because nothing really competes against it. The GT would have the iconic history and performance to match the corvette and could suck away major sales from GM.
Matt L 09/19/2012
I agree that it would be great to see a new Ford GT, but think about the return on investment. They could be spending millions on R&D for a car which will only net them a percentage of what they've put into it. While it's an amazing car, I don't think now is the time to spend money on an unsure bet. Ford just dodged the economic bullet - why risk success on a nice-to-have car?
Johnny O 07/11/2012
I agree, although I couldn't afford one but it would be cool to get them out there beating vettes!