Ford GT.

By Ryan B.

Chevy has the Corvette sports car line, so ford needs to hit them where it hurts. Bring back the Ford GT. Upgrade it's technology.
Mason C 10/09/2012
2015 GT: Supercharged 6.2L or Roush-tested 7.0L "777", 6-speed STANDARD, 3.73 LOCKING Rear Axel, TracPak, 18" Front wheels and 19" or 20" rear wheels, identical design to original Mk II, III, and IV and the 2005-06', and it must produce over 800HP!
2016 marks 50 years from Le Mans, and what better way to celebrate than to bring back the car that put Ferrari in their place?
David G 09/28/2012
did Ford make any money with the GT? Honest? or was it more of a marketing exercise?

That said, the price of a Corvette is basically "six figures now." Which is not far off what the GT went for.

If the GT was really put into mass production and prices kept around the $100,000 mark I think they could hit GM hard!

But I would envision using the Mustang platform as a start, a slightly more styled body (to differentiate it with the mustang), use an independent rear suspension, and maybe making the wheelbase a bit longer to make it a true "GT" (Grand Tourismo). If you put a supercharged Shelby V8/GT V8 under the hood, if the price is kept in the $100,000 area, you may even get Jag, Mercedes, BMW and Aston owners IMHO!
Richard F 08/18/2012
There has been a great job done on the Mustang, Camero and the Challenger but all three are missing the same thing. So far they have combined the past and present, what needs to be done is create the past and future, I call it pastresent. A new word for a new concept. what marketing did they use in the 60's that we have forgotten today?
Richard F 08/18/2012
Jorden I like your Idea its very simular to mine BUT I dont think the GT name by it self can hold that much hsp.
Gabriel W 08/04/2012
Ford has the best muscle car on the market, so ford should have the best sports car for competition against the corvette and viper
Hristo V 08/03/2012
this will be cool
Jordan M 08/02/2012
Imagine that. A Ford GT, with racing suspension and the new 5.8. It would stomp the competition on the track and in the corners.