Ford get some excitement!

Some cars and trucks need excitement. Change some of the grilles on both cars and trucks. The best Ford truck grille I think was 1979. The new truck grilles need help. Chrome is good but the style is bad. More excitement in trucks have a 2wd short box Cobra Express, 390 or 428, 2 inches lowered, captain chairs, dual exhaust, shaker hood, sport mirrors, sports car gear box, sports car steering wheel, shifter(auto or manual) on the floor, and wide tires with Brembo brakes. This is better than the Lighting. Ford emblem is to big in front.

Does anybody have ideas for better looking cars and trucks? Lets here them.

Don't get mad, I think Ford should buy Pontiac from GM. Maybe this is what Ford needs to put excitement back into thier cars. I once had a 73' Grand Am 2dr 400 cubic inch 4 barrel carb. It was the first year of the Grand Am. Ford could make some of the cool Pontiac cars.

Is the Mercury Division dead? What about a new division that makes 2 dr sports cars/2dr trucks with V8's, Sports Hybrid and Wild Custom big V8's all the way up to 514 cubic inch, call it FMX (Ford Motors Experimental) Or use the FMX as a car name. I remember Ford used it for the FMX tranny.