Ford Fusion GT

By Chad W.

ok, i have this idea (which i'm sure Ford engineers have already had too). A Ford Fusion GT sedan. 3.7L V6 with 305 hp and 31mpg would pack a punch while still delivering swell fuel economy. This vehicle would directly replace the cliche "sport" model while filling the same athletic requirements. Sport tuned suspension, small trim appointments, and available AWD would round out the package. I am positive this would be an instant hit... and segment leader!
Moose 02/09/2012
Exactly what I would be looking for. Love the look of this car, but I need something under the hood, AWD and a 6 speed. Money Baby!
Robert Todd 05/09/2011
I hope we're not talking 4 dr sedans here. What a mix, An accountant car with a hi performance engine. Only if Ford would make it into a 2 dr coupe, which they wont
Robert Todd 05/09/2011
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Erik Swensen 03/24/2011
i think that would be a great idea. i think it should be available with either a 6spd manual or auto