Ford Fusion Coupe

A sleek looking coupe version of the Fusion would be a great car. Ford needs a good mid size FWD coupe and i think the fusion could be adapted nicely to this role.
Michael Walsh 01/17/2012
I've been hoping for a 2-door hatch coupe since the demise of the Merc Cougar. The Fusion could be a vehicle that looks and acts sporty but still has some utility.
Patrick C 04/08/2011
I agree that its a beancounter thing. A 2 door version of the Fusion will need its own set of parts like doors, interior bits and the body itself and if this combination only gets 10 to 15% of sales then its not worth it to them to engineer it. Honda and Nissan don't seem to have a problem producing 2 door versions of their midsize family cars and Hyundai will have a 2 door coupe version of their all new Elantra soon. A Fusion coupe and a MKZ AWD sport coupe could be great additions to Ford's lineup right now but again it seems that they are not interested. My guess is that there will be a Hyundai Sonata coupe and a Kia Optima coupe (that would be really nice!) out before Ford decides to do another midsize coupe.
Jesus Bauzo 04/06/2011
It's a good idea. Make two models of the Fusion Coupe: The Ford Fusion SportCoupe with the 3.7L Ti-VCT and the Ford Fusion TurboCoupe with the 3.5L EcoBoost. All with a 6-speed manual transmission with paddle shifter, AWD and the option of a 6-speed automatic transmission.
Robert Todd 04/06/2011
Hey David, I would love to see this but the current view of accountants that usually decide what we can drive are not coupe type people
Thomas VanderMeulen 04/06/2011
I've had the same configuration idea. Fusion coupe with the Mustang engine. Possibly Ford would be concerned about competing with the Mustang in addition to the foreign sport coupes. Rather than emphasizing the performance aspects of the car thought, I would make the car luxurious enough to set beside the Infinity and Lexus sport coupes. Could be a really sweet ride!
David Matthews 04/05/2011
Instead of the Sport model (which isnt such a big deal to me) they could make a Fusion GT coupe with the 3.7L Ti-VCT and a 6 speed manual. Make it AWD and you would have a Subaru killer.