I bought a Ford Freestyle in 2007. THE BEST VEHICLE I HAVE EVER OWNED!!! I was involved in an accident (not my fault) and it was totaled. I went back to Ford. i shuffled on SUV's and Crossovers before I decided on the Escape Limited. I have to say, not real impressed. Not functional. Low end "bells and whistles". Blind spots. I have only had it 3 months and seriously thinking about trading it in on something else. I just can't seem to get that "fit" like I had with the Freestyle. It had room. GREAT gas mileage! Comfort. Style. High end bells and whistles. And a GREAT price tag. I travel nurse so I go everywhere in the United States. I need this vehicle! PLEASE BRING IT BACK! Because I am going to have to go with something else that may not be in the Ford lineup, and I love Ford.
Stacy Jo L 09/10/2013
I need a 4WD, 7-8 passenger vehicle that gets good gas mileage and still has room for all the kids' gear. Fwd is not an option where we live. Safety is always my number one priority in a vehicle, but is something roomy with good gas mileage too much to ask for? We love Ford, but need something that works for our family. 
michael d 07/26/2013
Get an Edge. I have had one for two years now and both the wife (most important) and I love it.
William L 05/14/2013
One of Ford's competitors bailed from the minivan market (which still sells more than half a million units a year) a few years ago, and focused their efforts on a big macho military-style, 10 mpg SUV (that sold about 10,000 units its best year). The future is in efficient vehicles, so we need 40 mpg SUVs and pickup trucks, and FWD is one way to get there. FWD with a longitudinal-oriented engine and transmission is quite compatible with 4WD or AWD and is more forgiving on slick roads in 2WD mode than a front-engine RWD vehicle.