Ford Focus

By Mark S.

Attn Ford Marketing directors and Engineers. Please please please bring the 355 hp AWD version of the Focus to the U.S. There are so many people in my social network that agree that we need a Subaru killer here in the U.S. Can You PLEASE make that happen? I would to add it to my ford collection. Thank you...
This is a great idea, not only would it appeal to the tuner class but it would also make a awd compact available to those of us that dont want a suv or a taurus. Or just use the 2.0 ecoboost engine, the awd is something you should offer to small cars.
Anthony B 11/09/2012
I've owned an SRT-4 and the ST is LIGHTYEARS ahead of that car. Also, it's a total myth that turbo cars are unreliable. Like any car if maintained they can last as long as any other NA car. I've had an SRT-4 on the track and while it maybe faster in a straight line that means nothing, because a great car does everything great and the ST does just that. I recently had my ST on the track and found my self climbing all over cars with more hp simply because the Ford engineers did their homework and built a car that simply drives like a car that costs twice as much. So your claims that they missed the boat is far from true. Now Ford add a few items like a real LSD and Brembos and you're done.
427sideoiler 11/07/2012
I just want to express my current opinions/views on looking for and purchasing a new car. I currently own an 03 Focus, which I purchased new loaded for under 14,000. Im having a real hard time understanding Fords mindset with the new Focus ST. I mean your trying to sell a turbo 4cyl. 2.0liter engine compact for 5,000 to 6,000 more than a 6cyl. 305 hp mustang. Im sure that im not the first buyer tho break the news to you, but this "new" focus is really about 10 yrs. too late comming to market. Should have been competing against the Neon srt4 (240hp) back in the day. News flash, they stopped making it cause people lost interest, plus everyone knows that once you get much past 60,000 miles on a turbo anything your just asking for trouble. Very unreliable to say the least, and very high repair cost to go along with it. Im not so sure that this new wave of thinking in the auto industry is going to be a highlite in the antles of automotive engineering history! eco boost technology to me sounds like bend over consumer, and buy this underpowered turd that will literally crap out on you just shortly after the 3yr/ 36,000 mile warranty runs out. And thats another big factor thats turning me away buying a Ford anything. Why is it that every auto manufacturer in the world can offer a much better powertrain warranty than Ford, yet they have been making vehicles a lot longer than any of them.........wait, i have it....... its so they can sell you another over priced car in 5yrs. that will retain hardly any trade in value when you finally do trade it. Anyway, back to the Focus ST. For the horse power rating of 252 for 29,000, there are way better cars for less money out there for the consumer. Here are just a few I can think of.....6cyl mustang 305hp, 23,500, Hyundai Genesis 3.8 6cyl. 348hp for 27,000, scion frs 201hp for 23,000 not as much power but only weighs 2750 lbs. Anyway, I strongly feel that Ford has definantly missed the mark with this car, should have come in closer to 21,000 if they actually had planned on selling very many of them.