Ford Focus ST sedan

When will Ford introduce a Focus ST in sedan version? The new ST is nice, but it is still a station wagon. I have been wanting to buy one, but can't get over the fact that it is a wagon. Please build the ST sedan so i can go get one right now.
Patrick 05/23/2014
I just saw a ford focus st sedan today. It had the badges, exhaust, front grille, and everything from the hatchback but it was a sedan!
Jeremy S 03/25/2014
I do perfer the styling of the Focus sedan, and while I appreciate the cargo abilities of a hatchback, in my experience, they generally have less useable "trunk" space with the rear seats in place, making trips with family or friends a bit more difficult.

While I suspect this isn't an overwhelming concern for a performance focused product, I hope Ford does consider a higher-performance sedan in the future (while the Taurus fits the bill, it's quite large for a sedan).
Chris R 07/07/2013
I'm sure most of us remember the Dodge SRT4 Neon trunk model it was a awesome car for the money. The 2013 Ford Focus ST is way more stylish and a much better performer. I'm a sales consultant at
Banner Ford In Mandeville La and we on average get six to ten people a month looking for a Focus ST. Five or more people each month love the car but are not happy with the hatch back because of the look of it .They would prefer a trunk model that would give back seat passengers more head space. Honda had the most popular hatch back made back in the day with the Honda Civic.
They have evolved over the years to Civic Si sedan which increased sales and popularity among car buyers.
Alec M 03/02/2013
Well, this is ironic. I just posted an essay long idea on building an ST off of the Australian Ford Mondeo platform. Then I scroll down the ideas and find that I'm not the only one interested in a sedan ST. There definitely needs to be a sedan ST. The styling on sedans always looks a lot better!