Ford Focus RS for USA

By Ben P.

The next generation Ford Focus RS should be considered for the usa. But I do not think a 300+ hp fwd model is enough to make it unqiue enough.

In my opinion the Ford Focus RS needs awd to make it a unqiue product. Ford has proven it can make a awesome fwd RS focus but a awd model would truly make the RS unqiue and seperate it from the ST Focus.

With awd the Focus would also compete directly with the Subaru sti which I like the concept of but dislike the cheapness of the interior and lack of quality that subaru puts into its products. People still buy the sti however and it is very popular in the states among all age groups which is why I think a quality product like the Ford Focus RS with 300+ hp, awd and a lsd with the Revoknuckle would be a slam dunk here in the states.

Ford Focus RS
-300+ hp turbo charged 2.3 4cylinder
-6spd manual, optional 6spd dsg (would be awesome!)
-awd, true awd not electric motors etc.
-5 door hatch, no sedan
-mpg is indifferent in a performance machine but if it it can best the sti's mpg that would be perfect.

Ed 06/10/2014
Why would you dumb it down to a 4 cylinder... The inline 5 that they use is capable of so much more. I would also love that in an awd model. Such a bad a$$ car. If you step it up to the RS500, you get a 350HP car..... enough said.
David O 04/22/2014
AWD... I really like my Focus ST, but would like it better with AWD and turbo charged 2.3lt. Bring it to the USA!
Jason K 04/07/2014
If price is the problem with making it awd then only make a limited supply of a 1000 cars in the US. I would be first line.
Jason K 04/07/2014
i own a focus st and would trade it in asap for a awd focus rs.
Chris H 03/26/2014
3 Door with Manual please! 
Randy R 02/09/2014
Make it a 3 door with manual only.
Glen W 02/09/2014
Just imagine what Shelby American could do with the Focus RS...
Robert P 12/09/2013
The only reason that I even signed up for this website is to request an awd turbo focus. Just hurry up and make one so I can buy it.
lucas r 08/28/2013
I'm all for this I would swap cars in a heart beat for an RS!
lucas r 08/28/2013
While I was living in Europe during my military duty. I was zooming down the Autobahn as a saw a lime green car flash by mine.   I couldn't tell what type of car it was until I noticed a Ford Logo on the back.  I was blown away.  It had a beautiful body, wide and smoothe,  and just sang to me.  When I got home I was pained to see that the car I had noticed was a Ford Focus that I could never own.  I am ashamed that Ford has let us down in the U.S.  forcing me to buy a car that was as close as I could find to that car I'd never get to have.  I bought a new body style Subaru WRX STI.  Wide body 300+ horse power.  The closest I could get and sadly it is an Import.  I keep looking and waiting for an RS to pop up in the US but year after year I am let down.  Please make this happen!  The sales would go through the roof.  Mustangs are not what we want.  We want the FOCUS RS!