Ford Focus - Needs a smoother automatic transmission


I wanted to say the the Ford Focus is nice but has one issue that drives me crazy. The transmission is usually jerky in the first 3 gears. It also makes a rattling noise sometimes when going up a hill and turning at the same time. It's been like this since 0 miles.

I am refereeing to the automatic transmission in the Focus 2013, I had it checked and this is normal for the Focus, I heard this could be because its a semi automic transmission. 

So Ford should absolutly smooth out the transmission because it would make the car a lot better. Sometimes it just shifts hard which is annoying, sometimes it's fine. It only does it in the first few gears and after that its a nice ride.

I'll never buy a car again with such a crappy transmission in it and I'm not alone which is why it should be improved. I've read Focus's have been like this for years. So I recommend everyone I know to never buy a Ford car until its fixed.

Everything else though is great so its a shame.

I'd also add an option to add a button for a garage remote in it which would be nice.