Ford Focus 3.0 Ecobooast AWD

By Rick L.

A Focus with a 3.0 Ltr Ecoboost AWD engine with Automatic Transmission would be most awesome. For a comparison, see the Subaru Impreza WRZ with its 2.5 ltr/Turbo AWD car. A true handling, performance and tech beauty! As a sales person for Ford in the past, I was asked if Ford made one and the answer was obviously no and the Focus ST was not and option for those who inquired. An AWD that is seamless much like the Subaru models and not one based an AWD based on the FWD system. An updated version of the Sync w/MyFord Touch that includes voice commands for windows, back seats, moon roof and locks would make it more complete. Make it and they will buy it!
Brew J 07/19/2013
Why not? Different strokes for different folks. Ford should broaden their range by adding an automatic transmission. AWD for those folks in the northeast would welcome that too. 
avery c 07/05/2013
a 3 liter would be kinda large for a 4 cyl considering the V6 in my taurus is a 3.0 but i do agree ford should make AWD and option for the performance models of focus.