Ford Flex

Here is another chance for Ford to be inovated. I like the style of the Ford Flex. I have a large family. I need an 8 passenger. But don't want a big SUV. We also enjoy the outdoors. The tow rating is good for the flex. But could be better. My suggestion is to add another seat and maybe a little more room to the Flex. And use the same motor as the F150 ecoboost. Hike the tow rating to at least 10,000 lbs. Add a really good suspension so there is no sagging. Then I would advertise the new seating and towing. With a camper on the back.

I had the above idea. And suggested it through the main web page. It was suggested I put it here. I see there is a simular idea. I just bought a new Honda Pilot. I am waiting for it now. The only reason I got the Pilot. Is because Ford doesn't have anything like it. And with gas going up. MPG is alway a factor. The key thing is the 8 Passenger. Why stop at 7. It would be cool to see Ford and Living Lite Campers team up together. Towing power and a light weight camper together. I hope to same day get there 18 foot toy hauler with double tip out.
Jason H 03/11/2012
Ford might of done studies on what the average person needs. But they are about 1500lbs short. Besides Livin Lite Campers. There are few campers for large families and something that is light weight as well. I think the bottom line is. I think Ford needs an 8 passenger that can tow 7000lbs. And although you have suggested the Expidition. The cost of this tank is not cheap. The middle class families need something. I had looked for an Explorer. But trying to find an 8 passenger proved to be hard. Most of all. GAS GAS GAS. Middle class familes don't want 8 cyclinders off of the time. I want to see 25 mpg or more most of the time. But sometimes you need a little more. The Flex is a cool looking car. And with the AWD. It should tow more. And if there are trans problems. Fix it...
chris 03/08/2012
I'm not in the market now for another vehicle, but, if I was I already informed my wife it would be a Flex to replace our 01 Sienna. I am happy with toyota. It would be nice to own something that looks good though.
My reservation is that it doesn't get any better fuel economy than what I'm driving now. Also there doesn't appear to be an entry level price.
Ben D 02/28/2012
It already has the same EcoBoost that the F-150 has. The Flex was actually using it first for years!!! The F-150 saw VVT on its exhaust cams too (versus just on the intake cams) but that and the truck-optimized computer tune are some of the very few differences between the two fantastic engines.

There are two problems with the Flex towing more than the 4,500 lbs. that it does. The transmission, and the Taurus-based uni-body architecture.

Uni-body cars aren't meant for hauling anything more than their own weight. They are built with self-structure in mind, and everything else second. It would be VERY expensive to develop a uni-body car/CUV that would have the same hauling capabilities of a BOF (body-on-frame) SUV. It would actually cost less to develop a new BOF platform, which would perform better due to the likely decreased weight versus a (very) beefed-up Taurus/Volvo S80 wagon. Ford actually JUST discontinued (or should I say, reinvented) a bigger, BOF vehicle that could tow with ease. It was called the Explorer. No not the sleek and teched-up one that we all know and love today, the last-generation Explorer. Ford did a number of studies that showed that the 5000 lb tow limit was enough for most families that had the occasional light boat or light RV.

And for the transmission, Ford just doesn't have a FWD transmission that can deal with all of the weight and torque of a more-powerful EcoBoost. The EcoBoost Flex, Taurus SHO, and EcoBoost MKS & MKT all have a torque limit of 350 ft-lbs of torque. If you actually look at a dyno graph of one of these cars, you'll see that the engine holds peak torque from around 1,400 RPM to around 4000 RPM (I don't remember off of the top of my head, it's been a while since I've seen it). They did that to save the transmission because they knew that it could n't handle any more, well reliably, at least.

Oh, and don't forget the Expedition. It is very roomy and extremely comfortable and it can tow about 9,200 lbs, even with the outdated 5.4L Triton (the thing has gobbs of torque all across the spectrum). But hold on tight, although it may seem like the Expy might be going the way of my beloved Ranger, Lincoln has confirmed that a large, BOF SUV is in the works (refreshed Navigator). And with a new Navigator, Ford will likely make a new, more fuel-efficient, and more capable Expedition.

Hold on tight. Ford has you covered.