Ford Falcon RWD

After reading numerous websites, magazines and other such media; and studying the comments made by the general public and motoring media, I have come to one conclusion. The people of Australia and America are generally united on one thing and thats a RWD platform. Ford please listen to what the consumers are asking for. You will then find that you have the perfect product in the Ford Falcon that is designed and built in Australia to very much World standards. Take a leaf out of GM's book and hand the development of a RWD platform for the Ford World to the Australian division. The current Falcon is a superb product and far superior to the Holden platform that GM is using. The handling and performance of the Falcon has received rave reviews and would be perfect for both the Australian and US markets. DONT turn the Falcon into some hopeless FWD or AWD heap. You could then use the platform for the basis of the next Mustang, and develop both the Falcon and Mustang for left and right hand drive, thus allowing the Australian to again enjoy their Falcon and allowing the US market to share our wonderful experiences of this vehicle and it would also give Australians a chance to again have access to a Mustang like the folks in the US. Please FORD don't don't don't change the Falcon, realise what you have in the way of a great product that is hanging to be shared with the rest of the world and also the talant that you have in the Ford Australian engineering department.
nick c. 07/12/2010
YES FORD, PLEASE bring us the falcon!!!!!!! as was indicated above, make sure it has a performance model, as well as a base model with maybe a direct injected 3.0 or 3.5l v6!
Dave 06/14/2010
The AU Falcon is a great car and should be offered in America if it can be homolgated(?) at a reasonable cost. It should be brought over as some kind of performance version - don't stick in the usual low powered engine............
Philip T 05/20/2010
I looks like that is what they are using for the new police interceptor. But that is just me speculation.
Pat C 05/18/2010
The Falcon and the Mondeo are the best Ford products and few here know about them. I challenge Ford to bring over a Falcon sedan and UTE and put them on the auto show circiut in the US to get public opinion by those who never knew such a car existed. I remember reading an article about Alan Mullaly visiting Ford of Australia for the first time and being so impressed after driving a Falcon G6E that he said it was as good as the Lexus he used to have and he had one imported back to the US for himself. Why can't the rest of us get one Alan?
Jason 05/18/2010
I agree. I'd love to see Ford bring the Falcon into a Lincoln or Mercury and produce an honest sports sedan for the USA. It'd give Lincoln something other than a bunch of expensive USDM rebadged Fords. It must have RWD AND a manual transmission or it is just a sedan as far as I am concerned.

I love the Mustang, but I'd like a sports sedan that isn't from Europe as I don't want to go broke maintaining the thing. And the heavy, front-drive biased AWD Taurus SHO just doesn't quite do it for me. Why do I need a heavy and expensive AWD system in Austin Texas?