Ford Falcon Australia

Ford Australia builts one of the best vehicles in the world The Falcon - I belelieve this car is a world class vehicle and as such should be marketed on the global scene, it would be a great basis to produce the mustang along side it, and it's utes are icons in australia and would be on a world market. Ford take the time to look at including the Falcon in your global market. Falcon is the ANSWER!
Mortimer D 07/29/2012
Falcon may be a terrific vehicle, but it's not even holding its own in terms of even being able to support its own business case at home. Ford only committed to further Australian production because of direct subsidy by Australia itself to keep workers employed.

Falcon may even be a better and more relevant vehicle for North America where the Volvo-derived Taurus already fills that slot, but Falcon lacks several important characteristics - most notably that Taurus's D3 and D4 platform derivatives underpin not just Taurus and Lincoln MKS but Explorer, Flex and Lincoln MKT.

North American buyers may even prefer Falcon to Taurus, especially with the wonderful 3.5L V6 EcoBoost under the Taurus SHO's hood but it simply doesn't have the same overall profit potential. Even if Ford Australia were to produce for export Falcon/G-Series for other world markets, the kind of expense required to create left-hand drive versions and ship each car from Down Under to Up Over is simply too much to overcome.

It would be terrific if a new platform could underpin a new version of Falcon and several other vehicles like a 2/4-door RWD "driver's car" for Ford and Lincoln globally. But not even Holden's Commodore when rebadged around the world as everything from Vauxhall Monaro to Pontiac G8 and the new Chevy Caprice police vehicle never achieved the the kind of volume needed to be a success.