Ford Falcon

I have heard in the past that Ford thought about having the Mustang available in a four-door model. I don't know where I heard it, but it is a very good idea. But it is not for the Mustang. Bring back the Ford Falcon as a four-door and beat the competition's Dodge Dart or Charger or even the Chevy Impala. Bring it back as a sporty car with four-doors, make it a family man's car for when he is not driving his Mustang!
Chad A 09/08/2014
They should use the Australian Ford Falcon complete with its supercharged V8,
Dennis 06/22/2014
I like his idea. The best example of what he's talking about would be the Falcon from New Zealand with the 351.That car should be the SHO in the USA. You should be racing a Taurus SHO in NASCAR and have a V-8 in it for the public . That would give some performance excitement for the SHO and Ford. Not everyone who wants performance wants to drive a Mustang, they like four doors.