Ford Falcon

I am temporarily living in Australia. I have had the fortunate experience to drive the Ford Falcon which is alive and will here with a very smooth inline 6 and rear wheel drive. This car with this drivetrain would do well in the USA. Apparently Ford had considered bringing it over and then scrapped the idea-WHY? You've dropped the proven Panther platform so why not let this car be a good replacement. It's a little smaller but with some luxury touches and PROPER adverstising would be a great replacement and/or a great addition to the Ford lineup. REAR wheel drive is okay!
rene z 12/16/2012
I have been telling my NASCAR friends about the Australian V8 Supercar series for years & how it would convert every Nascar fan to real racing if they would just watch it. It's makes Nascar look like playing in a sandbox. DO IT !!!!!
The aussie Falcon is an exceptional car and one well worth the effort for Ford to bring to the US. Come on Ford, give us a sedan with some actual performance!
Michael Masin 10/05/2011
The Commodore will be coming back to America, possibly as a Chevy Chevelle or Impala, combine this with V8 Supercars coming to the new GP circuit in Texas, and Ford fans will soon be asking Ford where the Falcon is. A Falcon GT (Supercharged V8) or F6 (Turbo inline 6) is much better than a Taurus SHO. Lighter, faster, better handling, and more spacious, despite being smaller
Patrick Collins 06/05/2011
The Australian V8 supercar series is now considering a date in the US! How will Ford explain away the Falcon in this country? How will they convince the racing fan who will see the Falcon up close for the first time that the big fat bloated Taurus SHO is a better car?? What excuse will they give for not selling such a great car here when it soon may be racing on our shores?I'm sure that GM will be ready to reintroduce the Comodore and point out that the departed Pontiac G8 is a Comodore and that it and the Chevy Camaro were designed by their Holden subsidiary. I hope that Ford will realise that there is a place here for this car here and finnaly bring it over.