Ford f150

The F150 should have the option for a manual transmission and 4x4 option with it. Make it with all of your engines! I have found that Dodge diesel trucks have this option, why cant ford make it with their f150 and f250's??!!
Craig M 04/02/2014
I agree 100%!!! And it should be a heavy duty manual with comparable towing to the automatic. Not like the wimpy underrated manual used in the 2wd F150s up through 2008.
tully h 05/02/2013
agree need to keep up with powered by ford
Lewis C 12/06/2012
OMG, i completly agree, ford needs to have Manual Transsies!!!! i hate chevy, dodge, gmc, all those and yet if i am to have to buy a new truck, then i guess i will have to buy a dodge becuase they are the only diesels with a 6speed now