Ford F-150 Diesel

Let's stop claiming that the new F-150 has "diesel-like" torque and "diesel-like" efficiency, and drop a diesel into your 2012 F-150. As the owner of a 2004 F-150 in the market for a new non-commercial truck, I won't be a buyer of a gasoline engine again.
James B 05/08/2013
Great idea if Ford does not put the 5 cyl diesel in the F150 looks like I will buy a Ram with diesel
Richard Z 05/05/2012
i Agree with all just cannot understand why ford never had a diesel model of the f150.. Even sales in Europe will improve if a diesel version was available for sure..
Benjamin Harban 05/06/2011
I agree that there should be a diesel model of the F-150. But keep a gas model too for some who want gasoline still.
James Defelice 04/29/2011
that's my idea 2 years ago 3.7 powerstroke jr. in a f-150
Alex Bain 04/08/2011
f150 diesel is long over due