Ford explorer raptor

By Ford

I all ready know this is not that great of an idea. Anyway I know the f150 raptor is a high performance off road vehicle but not everyone can afford a vehicle with that much goodies under the hood of the raptor. 
Thats why I think ford should make an explorer raptor because it weighs a lot less the the f150 raptor. But make it affordable to most of everyone so everyone  can get behind the wheel of something that's on road and off road capable.
John B 11/02/2014
I love the F150 Raptor, but five seats won't cut it for me. I need the 6 seat daily use option of an SUV! Given the F150 Raptor, Taurus SHO, Mustang GT, it looks to me like the only model not represented is the SUV. The number of Explore model sales, price point, SVO shelf and market visibility makes this upgrade package long overdue.