Ford Crown Victoria

By Noah M.

Ford you should bring back the crown victoria with better upgrades etc. This car has been a sign of ford and america in every country of the world! In movies, shows, and real life, this car was the sign of police cars and taxis. No other car can replace it. You should bring in this car upgraded and i am sure the police forces would for sure buy out this car. Thank you for reading.
T C 11/02/2013
Forget about the police forces, a lot of people like myself would buy it. I currently drive a 1998 Crown Victoria and I plan on purchasing a 2011 model soon. I also plan on keeping both cars until I drop dead, in other words I hope they will become future classic cars. Well the good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise I hope to be driving my Vickie thirty years from now.
bob b 11/19/2012
noah m....ur absolutely right...the crown vic is a great automobile....a bit under powered....and because this car is an american icon, Ford should open up a wide aftermarket for the remaining vehicles on the road...especially because there are no more being manufactured.