Ford Crown Victoria Remake

By Alex J.

Hi, I have a few things I'd like to say about the Ford Police Interceptor. I have been working at the police department for many years, and have been satisfied with all of the Ford police cars. Last week we purchased a Taurus. We have not been exactly satisfied. We all want the Crown Victoria to be made again, exactly how it was before. We would appreciate it if you could make the Crown Victoria again, with the following engine choices: 2.8L I4, 3.5L V6, 4.8L V8. All of the police department feels this way, and would much appreciate the making of the Crown Victoria again.
Connor 11/29/2013
Crown Vic is best car every to be made. I think they should remake this car!!
T C 11/02/2013
In my opinion the Crown Victoria is the best car ever made by Ford. I agree that they should bring back the P71 Interceptor along with a civilain model Crown Victoria as not everyone is into front wheel drive four and six cylinder cars. There are people like me who still want full size rear wheel drive V8 powered cars.
Mike S 10/30/2013
Yes. The Panther platform vehicles need to be brought back.
General Z 10/13/2013
yes. the crown vic is a good vehicle. offer some engine choices like the ecoboost and a good strong v-8 and you are talking!!
ryan s 09/03/2013
I agree! The ford crown victoria was an amazing vehicle that was easy to fix, and felt great as a car to drive.