Ford Crown Victoria

By Alex S.

The Crown Victoria was one of the best cars that Ford ever built. It was a full sized, full frame, rear wheel drive, V8-powered sedan that was affordable, comfortable, easy to work on and modify, and tough as nails. It was and still is an awesome car! Unfortunately, Ford made the huge mistake of killing off the Panther chassis back in September of 2011.

Ford, this is your chance: bring back the Panther, but update it. Keep its old qualities (listed above), but continue ironing out the flaws like you have for the past 34 years. You can teach an old dog new tricks. You've got the EcoBoost V6 and Coyote V8. Make it look even cooler (think Interceptor concept, 2007). America needs this car, not that jellybean Taurus.
Tim 11/30/2013
I will buy a Chrysler 300C even though I am a Ford guy - because at least its rwd and has a bent 8 under the hood - just as God intended. Ford - make a new Crown Vic with a stretched Mustang chassis and an optional 460 cube V8 - or I may never leave Mopars 300.
James B.B. Jones 08/29/2013
The one thing that is overlooked, is the fact that many older folks like myself would love to have a Crown Vic or Grand Marq that had no back seat, the car shortened to a 2-door, with a hatchback that would allow the rear part of the interior to be accessed from the back to haul groceries, etc.  Our children are gone, and we still want the comfort of a full-size (width) car, with the safety of a Crown Vic or Grand Marq 4-door. Also, put that 4.6L engine in it. After all, it got 26 mpg as a 4-door. Might even get 30 mpg when shortened.
ryan c 05/02/2013
i agree bring back the panther the taurus is no improvement it looks good but its still front wheel drive and a d3 which was the ugly 500 and volvo s80 if ford wants to go global go to austrailia where the falcon lives bring it over not another euro front wheel drive with no v8 option the tausrus sucks really sucks as a police car hate to see how much those turbos cost to replace
Andrew S 03/28/2013
The entire concept of a body on frame car is stone age. Reliability, sure, but the interior, exterior, dynamics, fun to drive, and other things were non existent. The new Taurus (while by no means a Lotus) is a massive improvement and the SHO is a riot. Also, most jellybeans are rather small. And round. And made of a sugar aggregate. That isn't the new Taurus at all. Have you seen one?