Ford chassis are begging for more power!

Having driven several recent Ford models, with the multiple engines available, you can't help but notice that you have still a lot of dynamic capability that is not fully explored. And if you want to do so, most of the times there are no options available, powertrain wise.
With a large motorsport tradition, Ford should capitalize on that. It's not just marketing! You can feel it as you drive.
I recently tried the Focus 1.0 Ecoboost and the power availability is nothing short of fabulous. The technology is there and available. The chassis performance is overwhelming which leads to a simple idea: No Ford model should have a RS or SVT version left out as an option. I'm pretty sure the Focus ST is no where near the limit of the Focus chassis. Same with Mondeo/Fusion. Go Further! Go RS! And since you going, we might as well have a Focus base coupe...
Clifton H 05/22/2012
I agree. Going more green is leaving out driving enthusiasts who want more. I'm not ready to jump on the hybrid or electric wagon. I love my Ford but I'm not sure I'd consider another based on the current path to downgrade these engines when there ARE choices available.