Ford Bronco Resurrection

By Nick G.

I would like to see Ford bring back the Ford Bronco to fight the Jeep Wrangler. I think it would be cool to see it modeled after vintage 1969 Ford Bronco. I believe it would be a instant hit for Ford; open top cruising in a resurrected Ford classic.
Walter T 05/09/2013
I highly agree. Over the past months, I have been sketching concept ideas for the Bronco. I think Ford should consider this. Let it match the capabilities of the Range Rover and with different trims. A rugged edition, Luxury edition, sport edition and the base trim of course. There is a Way to succeed beyond with the Bronco.
Austen S 05/03/2013
Offer a variety of engines and auto/manual tranny. Put a 6.2 V8 in that baby and hear it roar. Make it more modern and put an optional convertible top on it
Brad k 04/16/2013
stick the 3.5TT in it and bring back the 60's bronco style
dominic p 04/09/2013
Jeep is selling more Jeeps now than ever before. Ford is too busy concentrating on their F-150, which just lost their truck of the year spot to Dodge with Motor Trend magazine for 2013. It seems Ford has no clue or interest in building a bare bones, tough, durable, manual shifting, fun, etc, 4x4 for the truck enthusiast. A bronco would be an exciting addition to the Ford line-up and I believe the demand is there too. If they played their cards right they could build the Bronco to be an overland vehicle with an available diesel and manual shift trans and sell it world wide. I'm getting frustrated with Ford and my advise to you is to just go out and buy the real deal, the Jeep. Don't waste your time waiting for Ford to follow everybody else. I might go ahead and do the same. (Jeep - Since 1941) I like that!