Ford Bronco

By Bill W.

I'd love to see the return of the Ford Bronco, specifically built for off-roading. With a 6-speed manual, naturally.
Jarold S 01/06/2013
It would be a great thing if they brought back the Bronco. Never understood why if was ever discontinued. Great all around truck/SUV/ whatever you want to call it. Come on Ford, bring it back.
John M 12/28/2012
The other guys have proven that the market is there (and check out their resale value!). Also, the other guys refuse to build it with a small truck bed even though consumers have been begging for them!
Lucas T 11/11/2012
Bringing the Bronco back is what is needed. Having the option for the 6.2L would be great, or the 2.0L turbo diesel like what was brought to the table in 2004 with the Bronco Concept would be ideal too. Middle class hard working outdoorsman need this vehicle back.
Shane H 10/28/2012
And a solid front axel! Bring the Bronco back!
Cade P 10/27/2012
i'd love to see new full size Broncos again
Blake W 10/26/2012
As long as they give us a 6.2l not a eco boost. Wouldn't be a bronco unless it had v8