Ford Bronco

I want Ford to resurrect the Bronco. Let's face it Ford does not have a 
competent off road suv now that most, ie. Explorer have been converted to cross-overs. Check the older Bronco's that are listed on Ebay (late 60's to early 70's) and see how popular they are. They sell for nearly what a new one would cost. Ford should use that body style with some modern conversions for safety and emissions but keep it simple and inexpensive. Ford should realize not everyone needs/wants high tech gadgets that add cost and complexity. Keep the Bronco as close to the original as possible with a price of about 24k with hardly any standard equipment. I guarantee a new version of the Bronco would be a hit! Check the ebay listings
Maureen B 09/01/2014
I could not agree more, seems like most SUVs have merged with the minivan into a crossover that isn't capable of utility, hauling or off roading. Something without all that TV screens, back up cameras that is a bit more affordable, but as powerful as a truck.
Matt N 03/17/2014
I would like to see a mid-sized bronco like the concept that came out a few years ago. A small diesel option would be awesome or the ecoboost. 
William K 02/07/2014
You also have to make it available with a diesel. Like the 3.2L from the Transit.
Earl P 01/19/2014
I currently have a 1973 early Bronco. Since i could not buy one, i built one. Love the shape and simplitcy of these early Broncos. You build a new one and i will buy one.
Barry D 01/11/2014
How about a Bronco Raptor?
Don C 01/02/2014
would be nice, but as someone who has owned a 1969, and 1976 and a 1977 Bronco, please not the protype they did back in 2004