Ford Boss 429

By Kent W.

I think it would be awesome if Ford brought back the classic short lived Boss 429. The 429 in my opinion was the coolest car that Ford had produced, with the exception of the Shelby GT's, but when Ford released the new 302, I started wondering why they never brought back the 429. I think it was actually better than the 302 considering the fact that the 429 was originally designed for racing in the Trans Am series and in NASCAR in the '60's. It would be the coolest thing to see back on the streets after at least 40 years of short lived retirement. And that is my idea, bring back a legend
Allan C 06/04/2012
I say yes to big blocks.
N. R 06/02/2012
Asked about it, Ford ain't gonna do it, it might come in a brighter future just not in this generation.