Ford Aussie Falcon Sucessor

By Lynn J.

Since the regional E8 platform (Falcon) is going to end production in 2016 and there is no panther platform cars in North America, we need a rwd muscle sedan to compete against the Chevy SS and Dodge Charger. We can't just let them take this segment. What about using a stretched version of the new S550 platform to build a new global rwd muscle sedan that can be sold around the world. It could use a high displacement V6, Turbocharged V6, and a 5.0 coyote V8 for starters. This would better suit performance people like us. The current Taurus is more of an ecnomy car and it's fwd. We could name this muscle sedan of the Mustang platform either "Falcon","Fairline", or even "Thunderbird". Obviously, Lincoln would benefit from this too because their in need of rwd models themselves. If their talking about competing against Bmw, Mercedies, Jaquar, and etc. They need some rwd. Even Cadillaic got their new Alpha platform to do just that. Plus, the next Chevy SS sedan and other GM models are going to use that platform. I think the global lineup is great but if you add some rwd sedans along with the Mustang, that would be great.
Lynn J 09/30/2014
Falcon is Rwd and Taurus is Fwd. Their two different animals.
Pig P 08/29/2014
how about an A.W.D. Taurus S.H.O