ford 49er

When I first saw the 49er concept car in 2001, I thought that this was one of the best looking concept vehicles I'd ever seen. I thought for sure that this vehicle was heading for production. What happened? If you can produce a new Mustang that is reminiscent of a '67-'69 model , and has been the leader in the retro-muscle movement, why not reconsider the '49er for production. I'm not alone in my thoughts on this. I thought that the concept could have used a little tweaking in the front grille and bumper area, but was otherwise a well designed vehicle that would have been better received than the retro Thunderbird model. C'mon, how 'bout it?
Phil H 03/19/2014
Agree, the 49 concept looks awesome!
Chris S 01/24/2013
That was a great looking concept and the picture I had I put on my credit card. When I saw the 49 it seemed to make it's way in parts to the T-Bird. I do miss having more options of available coupe cars.