Focus Titanium Manual

By Brad K.

I love the new Focus. I also love all the new technology you can get on the new Focus. But I am a manual guy. I buy them because I prefer them, not because they are cheaper. I would buy a new Focus today, like right now, if the Titanium was offered with a manual. I can understand why most people would want a standard automatic on the more expensive models, but why not make the manual a stand-alone, no-cost option? I even went so far as to go down to my dealer and try and custom order one, but that's not possible either.
Riley 05/11/2012
It would appear that the Titanium is now available (fully loaded, with all options) with a 5-speed manual transmission. Looks like they listened to you! :-) I will be checking one out (and maybe buying one) soon!
Adam Kramer 05/23/2011
I'm with Brad. I too prefer driving a car with a manual transmission. I was shocked to see that not only is the 3-door hatch not being revived, but that you CAN'T get a manual in the Titanium. Granted, the ST is sort of dangling out there as a teaser... but that may or may not be a good fit for most people. A manual should definitely be available in the Titanium since there are a lot of options that you can all get in that trim level.
Kristian Jostov 05/20/2011
They need to offer manual in some of the sporty vehicles, such as Fusion Sport, Focus Titanium, and etc. I would love to drive, maybe even buy, one with manual...