Focus ST All season tires

I live in the Northeast. Unlike places like California or Florida the weather is not always ideal here. Ths Focus ST only comes with summer tires, forcing us to have to buy either winter tires or All season tires.  According to Ford " the summer tires cannot be used under 40 degrees". So it seams all seasons like the Goodyear assymetric F-1 all season version would be a good tire for the factory right now.

Since you have tire options for Fusion and Focus with certain option packages, why not have an option check box for summer or all season tires for the ST.

I know that the performance with all seasons would not match numbers posted with summer tires. But most perople who buy the focus, do not think of their cars as say the average ferrari buyer. I still pamper my cars but can only afford one car which must be a daily driver. It needs tires that can cope with four seasons of weather. We drive them, all the time!!
Mike R 03/16/2014
I totally agree
Brian K 02/12/2014
Or and option to add a winter tire/wheel package.