Focus needs 6 speed manual transmission

By Mike M.

I would really, really like to have a 6 speed manual transmission in the Focus. Also, make it available to all trim levels.
ken b. 12/26/2012
I agree with all. I want a Titanium hatch but with a 6 speed manual. The ST is overkill for me.
Al L 11/29/2012
I would trade my 2012 Focus with the DCT transmission in a heart beat if I could order it with a 6 speed manual. Please ford, offer a competitive 6 speed manual transmission.
Joe 11/11/2012
Agree 100%, there would be 1 in my driveway this year if I could get a 6 speed manual and moonroof in a standard (non ST) trim line - please make this happen, Ford!
Paul G 09/24/2012
Ford focus totally needs a 6 speed manual. Even the competition these days are offering 6 speed manuals
Owen 08/07/2012
Ford, thank you very much for offering the focus titanium with a manual. Now, why in the world couldn't you offer what almost every one of your competitors and even you offer (in europe): a six speed with a tall top gear so we can all get rid of our VWs, Chevy Cruzes and Hyundais and get a Focus that gets insane highway mileage. It is clearly the best car out there in almost any category. We don't all need an ST!
Chris B 07/19/2012
Absolutely right. Manuals today should all be 6 speed. 5spd is outdated
Steve 06/29/2012
Agree with everyone, not having a taller 6th gear for long hwy trips is a complete deal breaker. I drove Focus with automatic, and liked it, but I only buy 6-speed, and Focus is not in my list for the lack of 6th gear. I'm not going to put up with sky-high RPMs for hours, besides it's bad for mpg.
Will O 05/31/2012
Nikhil, I couldn't agree more. I don't want a manual because it is 1000 dollars less, I just enjoy driving a manual, especially if it was a 6-speed. And Ford needs to release the 1.6T from the Escape and Fusion for the Focus with a 6-Speed manual and in all trim levels. That would be the absolutely ideal car for me. Ford, get on your horse about this.
nikhil m 05/26/2012
with cruze and mazda skyactiv offering 6 speeds..this should be a no-brainer for ford. think of the mpg gain, happy customers, good publicity. etc with a tall 6th gear. Also...manual buyers != cheap people. We do like premium options as well, auto manufacturers. Ford can really tap into this segment of the market if it offers 6 speed manual across the board of its trims.
P2G 04/14/2012
I agree, the focus should come with a 6 speed manual in North America. It would be nice to see the 1.6 turbo offered as well.
Elaine 03/31/2012
I drove a 6 speed manual in Europe for a month and it was fabulous!! Got 19 km per liter of diesel!!! Loved it and would love to have it here in the US. It was a stationwagon type car to boot!
Douglas Piccard 02/28/2012
Just so y'all know what to ask for, examine the B6. There are two gear sets, one with a .69 6th and the other with a .62 6th. FDR is avaiilable in 3.6, 3.8 and 4.06. Seems a .62 and 3.8 FDR would match well with the 2.0 DI engine.

There is a second option, replace the 3.8 FDR the MTX75 has with a 3.56 from a 2009 Focus SE. Small improvement in highway cruise RPM...
Joseph M 02/26/2012
It is what I want too! Loaded trim level AND a 6 speed manual.
Luc S. 01/23/2012
Hello Ford,
As others, the 2012 Ford Focus brought my interest back to Ford, but the 5-speed manual with a gear ratio of .8 on the last gear is what puts a stop to a concrete purchase. That's way too high RPM on long trips. You need so little to make me a buyer - a 6th gear, a long one. If not, here I am, 2013 Mazda 3 skyactive. My plan is to buy in September 2012. Are you in or out? Those who prefer Manual trans. want a good one. Mazda has the perfect one. I prefer the Focus but the manual trans is a deal breaker for me - and for many others, it seems! Thank you.
Kurt Aikens 07/24/2011
I have to agree with the previous statements. Overall, the car is my favorite by far in the compact class, only being held back by its 5-speed manual transmission. Because I regularly make long trips with lots of highway driving, it forces me to have to consider vehicles like the Cruze Eco with its 6-speed manual. Believe it or not, there are people that are still uncompromising in their choice of manual over automatic!
Jim 07/17/2011
An available 6 speed manual should be an option at all trim levels. The Chevy Cruze offers a 6 speed manual. I would like to see the fun of a manual combined with a non-base trim level.
Brad Krekelberg 05/17/2011
A manual should at least be a no-cost option on the SEL and Titanium. There are those of us out there who buy them because we prefer them.
Istvan Buda 05/16/2011
yeah !!!!! I want titanium with 6 speed, it's available in Europe
Scott Whitney 05/09/2011
I don't like that you can only get a 5 speed and only on the lower trim models. It makes me think of getting a Mazda 3 instead of the Focus