Focus Middle ground

I think Ford should add the 1.5 Ecoboost from the 2014 Fusion as an option on the Focus. I have the 2.0 which is a good strong motor, but I think the extra torque would be nice, especialy in passing. Plus a smaller engine would increase mpg.
Al M 10/06/2013
This is a good idea but I wouldn't go for it unless they increased both the HP and torque of the 1.5L as it's not that much above the standard 2.0 right now.  Bring it up to around the levels of the 1.6EB in the Fiesta ST and call it a "sport" version. 
Herman C 09/10/2013
Personally I'd love a diesel, but Ford is going ecoboost instead so this would be next best thing.
Jason M 09/08/2013
I think a turbo diesel option would be a better fit and provide even better fuel economy. There's a reason they're some common outside the US.